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Morris Lubricants

Morris lubricantsP. Harrison & Co Ltd; is a main distributor for Morris Lubricants

Morris Lubricants have been essential to vehicles’ smooth running and reliability since 1869 and the company now exports to over 65 countries worldwide.

Engine Oils:
Ring Free, Duplex, Golden Film:  Monogrades, Flushing Oil, Running-in Oil.

Gear & Transmission oils:
Golden Film AG; Lodexol: Ultra Drive, FS; Multitrans: BC, SYN-T; Liquimatic: D11, Super ATF.

K42EP:multi purpose; K2EP: Lithium complex; K323:Lithium Calcium; K25: Graphited; K48: Moly; K400EP/K4000 EP: semi fluid soft greases.

Maintenance & trouble shooting products:
MD-4: aerosol; Solvent Cleaner; Prise:anti-seize spray; Pavan: degreaser; Carb Cleaner; Brake & Clutch Fluid; Golden Film Running Oil;Superclean Morendo DD? + flushing oil.

Lento Disinfectant; Lydian degreaser; Terralus Viroclean/bio degradable; Cadence TFR; Floor Dressing granules.

Barrier Cream; Abgel hand cleaner; Momento.

Hydraulic oils:
We stock a range of oils for various applications: tail lifts, compactors, powershift mechanisms.

Winter products:
Sempre: vehicle wash; Universal: anti-freeze and summer coolant; Anti-Freeze PG; Ultralife Red: Longlife 5 year coolant.

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